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When Firms Can Consider Themselves Top Family Lawyers in Sydney


When Firms Can Consider Themselves Top Family Lawyers in Sydney

It is a high threshold for a firm to be considered among the top family lawyers in Sydney.

Amid the hundreds and hundreds of potential outlets that exist in this industry, it only takes one mishap or case of oversight that can undo years of hard work.

Reputations in this regard are very fragile and it is up to each and every solicitor to act fairly and transparently for clients who are experiencing a great amount of stress and anxiety.

Here Unified Lawyers will outline some core characteristics that demonstrate when a brand can market themselves as top of the class it the field of family law.


Place Interests of The Child Above All Others

The dynamic during a divorce alters dramatically when there are children involved in the proceeding. Firms can consider themselves among the top family lawyers in Sydney when they forgo all of the other concerns and ensure that sons and daughters are protected from any ensuing breakup. Amid all of the fighting and conflict surrounding household assets and allocation of debt, it is easy to overlook their interests in the matter. The best practitioners will place their needs front of mind, even if that means forgoing some client benefits in the interim period.


Gain Concessions From Opposition

The art of mediation takes years to perfect but the top family lawyers in Sydney will be able to come to the table in good faith before gaining key concessions from the opposition. This could be handing over possession of the home, access to shares, vehicles or other major assets of value. It could also arrive through child custody or the handing over of family debt.


Offer Flexible Payment Solutions

Not all constituents have the resources to access representation from the high end of town. But should that prevent them from utilizing the skills and experience of the top family lawyers in Sydney? The best practitioners in this field will offer flexible payment solutions that gives a spouse a chance to use these professionals. From hourly rates and flat fees to bills contingent on the outcome and pro bono work, there are solutions at hand that can solve the financial conundrum.


Quality Communicators and Problem Solvers

There are two fundamental qualities that firms must bring to the table to label themselves as the top family lawyers in Sydney – communicate effectively and solve problems that appear difficult. On the first count it is crucial that clients have their phone calls, messages and emails responded to whilst not avoiding any of the uncomfortable subjects during in-person consultations. That is a flaw that can be detrimental to the entire process moving forward. For issues amounting to a lack of transparency on the part of the other spouse or documents that have been signed that binds a client to a single position, there should be contingency plans that provides a pathway to a better outcome. They might not always present themselves from the outset but they should have the experience and skills to find an outcome that both parties can accept.


Held In High Regard From Sydney Legal Community

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The Sydney legal fraternity is like most professional industries. There will be actors who will do anything to make a step forward in their career and there are others who act in the interests of the collective. To be considered among the top family lawyers in Sydney the firm has to fit into the latter category. This can be seen with working pro bono for lower income clients, accessing restraining orders for domestic abuse survivors and not falling into some of the common traps of the business where all common decency and empathy is lost.


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