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Questions To Ask An Attorney During a Divorce Case

Questions To Ask An Attorney During a Divorce Case

Handling a divorce case is no easy situation for a spouse who has decided to end a relationship. Whether there are children involved or not, this is a time fraught with complications and conflicting emotions as a legal representative is needed to bring this clash to a satisfied conclusion.


In order to think clearly and attempt to put the emotion to one side, there are important aspects that are prevalent to the client. From the custody of the children that are involved to the property, the assets and anything else that is considered value, there must be clarity and purpose when an attorney discusses these matters with the client.


Rather than passively accept the terms and manner in which their lawyer will proceed, it is worthwhile putting them on notice and discovering exactly what type of profile you are dealing with. Is there an understanding of your circumstances, are they experienced in this field and what options do they see moving forward?


Here is an outline of some key questions you should be asking your lawyers during a divorce case.

Are You a Divorce Specialist?


The legal field is a varied and widespread practice that incorporates all manner of disciplines and departments. Family law or divorce law is one specialty that some attorneys will operate in their entire careers. Whilst there might be a premium on their service, their success rate will likely reflect that precision and expertize. So find out beforehand or put them on the spot and ask: “are you a divorce specialist?”

Is The Best Move To Settle Or Litigate?


There will essentially be one of two steps that will be required as you walk a path during this case. One will be a consolatory approach where you are looking to settle on a deal that is less confrontational and works to end the matter as early as possible. The second is to be more confrontational and attempt to litigate. Quiz your attorney on what path you think should be taken.

What Is Your Billing Process?


The former question will have a significant outcome on this follow up query, but it is vital that you know how the firm in question operates. Ask them how they bill and whether they work from a retainer, on an hourly basis or if they stipulate a win or no pay policy. The latter is seldom practiced for obvious reasons, but some firms could provide that in order to attract new clients.

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