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How To Best Prepare For The Bar Exam

How To Best Prepare For The Bar Exam

The bar exam is vital to becoming a fully-fledged lawyer. You cannot earn your license without passing this test.


So how are you supposed to prepare for such a crucial moment? Here we will run through some key tips that should ensure your success.

Know Your Learning Style


Before undergoing any endeavor of this magnitude, you are best placed when you understand which style will suit your learning process. Whether you respond better to visual cues, to audio files or as a kinesthetic learner, embrace what you respond to best. There are textbooks and learning guides that will come with various recommendations to undertaking the bar exam and being as well prepared as you can mentally be.


Yet to become a lawyer within a legitimate law firm, you need to know you best, i.e. cater your knowledge to a format that will allow you to recall vital points. This will especially apply for overseas students who have to undertake the exam in their second language, as it is imperative that you become as resourceful as possible.

Think Long-Term


Trying to cram in an entire bar exam worth of knowledge inside a couple of weeks simply won’t pay off unless you possess incredible short-term memory. The recommended two month preparation course is a valid time period to study up on all the relevant information, yet it won’t take into account social events and stumbling blocks that will naturally get in the way over an 8-week period.


To be best prepared, clear any clutter away from your study space and schedule extra time for 4 weeks prior to this two-month lead in. Whatever semester you are in, from first to second or third year, the law students who go the extra mile are those who invest the added time and effort to plan that study.

Practice Exams: MBE and Essay Mixture


There is no better preparation for a bar exam than to run your own mock exam. The Multistate Bar Examination (MBE) will be a series of 200 multiple choice questions with an essay component, giving you a period of 6 hours to complete. This will be physically and mentally taxing and to gear up for this moment, you need to have prepared to sit and undertake a mock exam in order to practice. There are software applications and legal bodies who will provide this material for you, and it is worthwhile running through this process to be ready for the final assessment.

Hire a Tutor


The final recommendation when it comes to bar exam preparation is to hire a tutor. These are professionals who have the experience and skillset to offer recommendations, tips and techniques that will provide clarity. Just as you would as an attorney to source a paralegal, find a tutor who can work as a sounding board.

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