Charged with an Offense? Avoid These Mistakes to Protect Yourself. - Michigan Gazehound Attorney
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Charged with an Offense? Avoid These Mistakes to Protect Yourself.

Charged with an Offense? Avoid These Mistakes to Protect Yourself.

While being interrogated, arrested or charged with a crime, it is critical to act in a way that should make your defence stronger. For that, you must know what mistakes to avoid so that you can chalk out a fail-safe plan after consulting one of the Sydney Criminal Lawyers. Doing so not only promises a favourable judgment but also saves your time, efforts and money all along. Read on to find out top mistakes the subjects of an investigation, suspects or accused tend to make from Criminal Lawyers’ point of view.


#1 Making decisions without any advice or help of counsel: This is one of the common mistakes that people make when confronted with such a dire situation. It is easy to get carried away, especially in this desperate situation when you are dealing with fright, confusion and frenzy of rage all at the same time. You should not act without taking advice from your lawyer who will first thoroughly assess your situation and then guide you accordingly to build your defense. Every criminal case is unique with its own set of differing facts, nature & circumstances of the crime, witnesses, police, subjects or accused and victim(s). So, it makes sense to never apply the same decisions from any other case similar to yours.


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#2 Speaking to the police without knowing all the facts: Without the best knowledge of your rights in your circumstances, it is very likely that you will end up steering your case in the wrong direction. And one such right is that you are entitled to full disclosure of the evidence that is intended to be used against you. As per Sydney-based Criminal Lawyers, in any criminal investigation or prosecution, information can make or break the case. You should refrain from speaking to the police without knowing the details of your case thoroughly. It is better to remain silent than uttering something that might be perceived as dishonest, incorrect or unrelated to your defense stance.


#3 Talking to others about allegations or charges levelled against you: You must not forget that we live in a society that is quick to judge someone with criminal proceedings going on against him even before the court’s verdict. Keeping this in mind, Criminal Lawyers advise not to divulge case-related details or give a statement in public or even in front of your family. Talking to others will not only throw you open to unnecessary challenges posed by the society, but it may also turn out unfavourable to the tenets of your case.


#4 Seeking help from the police: Although this may seem to be the best thing to do, in reality, it is not. You must know that the police are always working against the accused. They may be involved in collecting more and more evidence against you and getting statements out of you that may prove you guilty in the court. It is horrific to realize but a truth. So, never forget what role the police are playing in your case.


The mistakes mentioned above are the ones that even the most informed individuals tend to make when faced with a serious accusation. To save yourself from making any of these mistakes, it is best to seek the help of one of the experienced and trusted Sydney Criminal Lawyers.

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