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Characteristics of an Unprofessional Attorney

Characteristics of an Unprofessional Attorney

When a citizen finds themselves in legal trouble, they will often seek out an attorney to entrust their case to a professional. This is a common course of action as those who are defending themselves or attempting to prosecute an injustice will require a skilled and experience operator who can act as their voice in a courtroom.


However, there are occasions when an attorney fails their basic duty and situations of legal malpractice leaves their client in an unfortunate position.


Whilst this is an awkward, uncomfortable and unenviable position to be in, there are signs that signal action on the part of the client.


Here we will analyze moments when an attorney should be reported and fired from their role due to their continuing unprofessional behavior.

Regular and Disturbing Conflicts of Interest Emerge


An attorney will like having a number of cases occurring simultaneously and it is not always guaranteed that they can dedicate time solely to your own matter. However, should it become clear that the focus of the lawyer is continually disturbed where they are using your time to deal with other clients or legal professionals, then you should address this matter directly. As your council, an attorney must respect their client’s need for urgent consideration and attention.

Does Not Return Calls or Messages


This is a common occurrence for lawyers that commonly engage in unprofessional conduct. It is acceptable for some time to elapse where the attorney and client are not in contact over the course of one or two days, but if there are important matters that need to be discussed, then the representative should be in regular communication with their client.

Engages in Abusive Behavior


If foul language and general abuse is directed from the attorney to the client, then that is a textbook case of malpractice. A lawyer’s sole purpose is to act in the interests of their client and mismanaging this relationship to the degree where one party is abusing the other is just unacceptable.

Agreeing To Settle Without Consultation


Acting in the interests of the client extends to plea deals or charges that are wanted to be filed by the individual in question. Should an attorney operate in conflict with these wishes, then they are violating a series of procedures and legalities that will land them in trouble. Lawyers must use their time during consultations to offer their advice and council, but in the end, they will reflect the determination of the client without question.

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