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Caring For You When You Need It The Most

will and testament

Caring For You When You Need It The Most

One thing is for sure, to be surrounded by the things that you love means you need to work hard to earn the money to buy these things. You work almost your entire life to own that beautiful home that you always dreamed of, to fill it with comfortable furniture, to have that collection of antiques that you treasure dearly. Because you have worked so hard and because these are some of the things that you care about you want to be able to protect them when you are no longer here to protect them yourself. Wills and estate Campbelltown lawyers understand and are compassionate for you when you need some extra support or some legal assistance.

To protect your assets after your passing, a will needs to be drafted. It is easy enough to choose what you want going where, but Campbelltown wills and estate lawyers can make sure that your document is legally sound. This ensures that your assets are taken care of in the manner that you wanted. It is important to have one drafted otherwise your assets will be shared using a default formula. This may result in assets being shared where you wish that they weren’t.

If your loved one has passed and you feel like you did not receive what you think is you fair share, Campbelltown wills and estate lawyers can contest this in court. This kind of contest needs to be done within 12 months of the death. It can be very expensive to do this, so a free case assessment is offered to see whether your case has some worth.


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There are several other reasons that you can use Campbelltown wills and estate lawyers to contest this. We are going to look into this with a little depth.


Fraud – Many people, unfortunately, take advantage of the elderly. This is truly disgusting and unforgivable but it does in fact happen. Usually this happens by a carer or someone that was close to the person basically tricking them into thinking that they are signing a completely different document. Campbelltown wills and estate lawyers can help you prove to the courts that the deceased had been a victim of fraudulent activity.


Forgery – As the title suggests, if you believe that someone has forged your loved ones documents then you definitely have grounds to contest it. Forgery is the illegal action of signing as someone else when you have not been given legal permission.


Persuasion – A full or part time carer spends their time caring for those who have become incapable of caring for themselves. When a regular carer spends enough time with the person they begin to be trusted. Sometimes this trust can be taken advantage of. By misusing this trust they can then influence the person to make decisions that they normally would not have made. This is also a sound claim.


Mental stability – If a person is not sound of mind at the time it is drafted they may not be aware of the choices that they make. This may cause errors in the sharing of assets or someone can take advantage and use persuasion.


Campbelltown wills and estate lawyers specialise in this kind of claim. Their solicitors have won many cases and they know where your rights lie. With compassionate, warm and extremely knowledgeable attorneys they can be there for you to help ease the pain and ensure that you and your loved ones are taken care of in a sophisticated and respectful manner.

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