17 Weird Laws that still exist in Australia
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17 Weird Laws that still exist in Australia

17 Weird Laws that still exist in Australia

Australia is like any other country with its culture and its laws. Most of them make sense but there some laws in Australia that are absolutely weird. These laws differ state to state in the country and there is little to no chance that you will get arrested for breaking them as they are not enforced. That being said, do not take this article as a source of legal defence if you end up in hot water. This article is written purely for entertainment and novelty value!

  1. It is illegal to wear pink hot pants in Victoria but only when it’s after midday on a Sunday.
  2. Every cab or taxi in Queensland is required to carry a bale of hay in their trunk at all times.
  3. Bars and pubs are legally required to feed and stable the patrons’ horses.
  4. Speaking of pubs, it is illegal in Australia to be drunk in a pub.
  5. It is illegal to change a light bulb by yourself, instead, you need to get the help of a licensed electrician.
  6. If you really have to go to the toilet but one is not readily available, it is legal to relieve yourself on the left rear tyre of your car.
  7. It is illegal to dress up as Batman or Robin.
  8. In Melbourne, it is illegal to vacuum between 10 pm to 7 am during the weekdays and 10 pm to 9 am during weekends. This was to reduce the noise pollution during the nights.
  9. It is illegal to leave keys to your vehicle in your unattended car.
  10. Trying to disguise yourself without a lawful excuse is illegal.
  11. In Melbourne’s Brighton beach it is illegal to wear a swimsuit that doesn’t go from neck to knee to swim.
  12. It is illegal to walk around wearing black clothes, felt shoes and black shoe polish on your face as it is reminiscent of cat burglars.
  13. It is illegal to give out tarot card or psychic readings as these are seen as signs of witchcraft.
  14. Children under 18 years of age aren’t allowed to purchase cigarettes. Interestingly, there is no law saying it illegal for them to smoke cigarettes obtained using other methods.
  15. If you lose something and put up a missing poster it is required by the law to put the caption “No questions will be asked”.
  16. In Western Australia, it is considered an offence to have more than 50kg of potatoes.
  17. It is illegal to be heard by someone when singing a song that is considered obscene. This is according to Summary Offences Act of 1966.

These are some of the few weird laws that exist in Australia. So be careful to avoid getting into trouble with the law for breaking them.

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