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Physical custody simply refers to the parent with whom the child or the children reside. Legal custody on the other hand, refers to which parent.


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  • There are a few legal rights and issues everyone should know about as its important to know your rights and also know what kind of legal issues are to be kept in mind about various things. You never know when you might get into a...

  • Australia is like any other country with its culture and its laws. Most of them make sense but there some laws in Australia that are absolutely weird. These laws differ state to state in the country and there is little to no chance that you...

  • So, you want to become a family lawyer – congratulations. This is a can prove to be an extremely rewarding career, and not just in terms of monetary gains. A key part of what a family lawyer does is help people who are going through...

  • One thing is for sure, to be surrounded by the things that you love means you need to work hard to earn the money to buy these things. You work almost your entire life to own that beautiful home that you always dreamed of, to...

  • When a citizen finds themselves in legal trouble, they will often seek out an attorney to entrust their case to a professional. This is a common course of action as those who are defending themselves or attempting to prosecute an injustice will require a skilled...

  • While being interrogated, arrested or charged with a crime, it is critical to act in a way that should make your defence stronger. For that, you must know what mistakes to avoid so that you can chalk out a fail-safe plan after consulting one of...

  • There are many Australians out there who are looking to find out as much information possible about criminal law firms in Sydney. This could be because they want to study to become an attorney, or it could be because they want to find the best...

  • If you live in New South Wales and you have final wishes laid out for the event of your death, you need to find a reliable executor of will in NSW to ensure that said wishes are honoured. It is essential that you see to...

  • The bar exam is vital to becoming a fully-fledged lawyer. You cannot earn your license without passing this test.   So how are you supposed to prepare for such a crucial moment? Here we will run through some key tips that should ensure your success....

  • If you are facing charges to do with your driving they can be very stressful no matter how minor they may seem. Governments and law enforcement are continuously cracking down on driving charges with their penalties growing in severity every year. With that in mind...

Physical custody simply refers to the parent with whom the child or the children reside